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Experiences in Trapani: discovering the beaches of Trapani

Trapani is one of the few Italian cities that can offer tourists and residents different stretches of coast for bathing, also in the historic center, just outside the ancient walls. For those who spend a period of stay in Trapani, from the very first heat (for the more daring, already at the end of April), a swim and / or a few hours of relaxation on the beach are absolutely to be planned. You can choose between beach and rocks, between private beaches / establishments and free beaches.

Lying on the western Sicily, on a sunny peninsula that extends between the salt pans to the south and the coast of San Giuliano to the north, Trapani has the peculiarity of hosting some beaches directly in the city, where beaches alternate with the urban fabric. Some of them, in compliance with the decrees and with the national and local regulations, have been "adapted" and configured in order to guarantee greater distance between bathers (and, therefore, greater safety).

From Ligny Tower to Piazza Vittorio

The tour of the beaches starts from Ligny Tower, on the rocks behind the tower and on the typical San Liberale cove, very dear to Trapani  people and to the families of the area. It is one of the most beautiful views of the ancient city, with a splendid view over the entire gulf of Erice. Proceeding on the western side, through the walls of Tramontana, you reach the beach of Porta Botteghelle (or Porta Ossuna). We are near the former fish market, where the sea gently laps the shore in summer, forming suggestive golden sandy beaches, a favorite destination for tourists and swimmers due to the calm and crystalline waters. Proceeding east, towards Erice, you finally reach the beach of Piazza Vittorio, whose appearance is relatively recent. Very wide and above all easily accessible even by car and motorbike.

Towards Tonnara Tipa and on the coast of Erice

The tonnara of "San Giuliano Palazzo" is closed since 1961. It was perhaps the first in western Sicily. Here the small beach is chosen by many bathers, attracted by its clean and crystalline sea, especially in August. A little further on there is the large beach of San Giuliano, which is within the Municipality of Erice from an administrative point of view. The beach of San Giuliano is by far the most frequented stretch of coast by the citizens of Erice and Trapani. In addition to the wide open beach, there are many lidos and beach properties.

Marausa beach

The district of Marausa is about 10 km from Trapani. It has a very long sandy coastline, much of which can be safely used by swimmers. We are on the southern side of the Trapani area, with a beautiful view of the Egadi islands. An ideal beach for families with children, thanks to the shallow waters for several meters.

  • Trapani Covid Safe
  • Trapani Covid Safe
  • Trapani Covid Safe
  • Trapani Covid Safe
  • Trapani Covid Safe
  • Trapani Covid Safe
  • Trapani Covid Safe
  • Trapani Covid Safe

The beaches of the Trapani coast

Beaches and small beaches, small cliffs and coves. You can choose the side according to the climatic weather conditions.

  • Cliffs of Ligny Tower and Caletta San Liberale
  • Porta Ossuna beach
  • Piazza Vittorio beach and lidos on the Trapani seafront
  • Tonnara Tipa beach
  • San Giuliano beach on the Erice seafront
  • Marausa beach

For information, also contact the municipal tourist office:

  • DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM - TEL +390923590255
  • EMAIL:

Safe and protected Trapani

The containment and prevention rules adopted by the Municipality of Trapani reflect national and regional guidelines, with specific customizations according to the characteristics of the urban fabric and the territory. Trapani also benefits from "natural protection", given by the environmental and weather-climatic characteristics, which make it "inhospitable" towards the virus.

Trapani protected: find out why
Trapani Safe summer: prevention and containment rules
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