The Sea Route, towards San Vito Lo Capo

The Sea Route, towards San Vito Lo Capo

The Sea Route, towards San Vito Lo Capo

The Sea Route, towards San Vito Lo Capo


Itineraries from Trapani: the Sea Route, towards San Vito lo Capo

The Sea Route covers the north-western coast of Sicily, from Trapani to San Vito lo Capo, continuing towards the Zingaro Natural Reserve and Castellammare del Golfo: for many the most beautiful stretch of coast in all of “continental” Sicily. An itinerary can be done in a day to. You can visit two natural reserves and enjoying beaches, coves and inlets.

Summer to the sea is one of the most important - and healthy - habits of Italians. By choosing Trapani as a base for your holiday, you can experience a real "overdose" of beaches and stretches of seaside coast. You can dedicate a few hours or whole days to.

Beaches of the Trapani coast, fromLigny Tower to Erice

From west to east, the first beaches we meet are those of the Trapani coast, such as the characteristic cove of San Liberale, the suggestive beach of Porta Botteghelle up to the beach of the former Tonnara Tipa. It is worth visiting them all, even if only for a few hours. For further information visit:

Proceeding along the Dante Aligheri seafront, in the territory of the Municipality of Erice, you can reach the large beach of San Giuliano, divided almost equally between open beach and lidos. It is particularly recommended for families looking for services and for younger people, who will be able to take advantage of the activities and services offered by the lidos.

The beaches of districts and holiday destinations

Leaving the city behind, proceeding along the coastal road, you can reach some holiday destinations:

  • Pizzolungo is characterized by many small streets that end on the sea, near coves and cliffs from where bathing is easy and pleasant.
  • Bonagia is an historic and very characteristic seaside village, also famous for the Tonnara (with the tower and the museum of the sea), where there are some pebble beaches
  • Lido Valderice is a very popular holiday destination for families, where there is a small cove with a beach and, along the coast, a very wide cliff with some areas suitable for bathing
  • Rio Forgia beach is a wide red sand beach, with a beautiful view of Monte Cofano, where you can also find some services (bars, sunbeds, etc.).

Cala Buguto, Cornino Bay and Monte Cofano Reserve

Beyond the village of Lido Valderice, in the territory of Custonaci, there is a very suggestive stretch of coast, which laps the Monte Cofano Natural Reserve. Along the coast, sandy beaches alternate with practicable cliffs. There are also some lidos and wooden platforms, ideal for enjoying the sea and the landscape in a confidential way.

Cornino also marks the entrance to the Monte Cofano Reserve, which extends from west to east, from the gulf of Erice to that of Macari.

Gulf of Macari and the beaches of Baia Santa Margherita

Beaches and coves for everyone. The coast that goes from the Monte Cofano Reserve to the “Bue Marino” beach is rightly considered the most beautiful and panoramic stretch of sea in all of “continental” Sicily. Beaches and coves, several sea beds, lush vegetation and vast biodiversity. Among the recommended beaches:

  • The coves around the Tono tower, within the Monte Cofano Reserve
  • The pebble coves called "Agliareddi", at the entrance to the Monte Cofano Reserve
  • The "Calazza", a beautiful beach hidden among the rocks, near a bunker dating back to the last war
  • The "Scaru Zu Asparo", a small bay that allows shelter to some small boats, mostly in sand, characterized by shallow waters
  • The "Chianca", a stretch of coast formed by the so-called "trottoir" or marine pavements, a platform formed following a process of overbuilding of the shells of some species of molluscs
  • The “Scaru Brucia”, a small cove formed by very flat rocks that allow you to lie down and sunbathe
  • Baia Santa Margherita, a wide beach of about 250 meters, an excellent alternative to the crowded one of San Vito Lo Capo. In the summer period it is also provided with sun chairs and umbrellas
  • The "Caletta Rosa", which takes its name from the color of the rock
  • The beach "Cala Bue Marino", made up exclusively of pebbles, located at the Belvedere, characterized by beautiful seabeds with changing colors
  • La Cala di "Isulidda", a small bay that takes its name from the rock that is right in front of it (small island)

The beach of San Vito lo Capo

After crossing the village of Castelluzzo and passing the beautiful coast that goes from Cofano and Macari, we finally reach San Vito lo Capo. A place that needs no introduction, famous all over the world for its splendid beach and for the great event in mid-September, the Cous Cous Fest.

For more information on the use of the beach of San Vito lo Capo it is advisable to consult the website:

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Where to swim, from Trapani to San Vito lo Capo

Beaches and small beaches, cliffs and coves. From Trapani to San Vito lo Capo

  • Cliffs of Ligny Tower and Caletta San Liberale
  • Porta Ossuna beach
  • Piazza Vittorio beach and lidos on the Trapani seafront
  • Tonnara Tipa beach
  • San Giuliano beach on the Erice seafront
  • Pizzolungo coves
  • Bonagia coves and beaches
  • Lido Valderice beach
  • Rio Forgia beach
  • Cala Buguto and Cornino beach
  • Coves in the Monte Cofano Reserve
  • Macari coves and beaches
  • Santa Margherita Bay
  • San Vito lo Capo beach

Safe and protected Trapani

The containment and prevention rules adopted by the Municipality of Trapani reflect national and regional guidelines, with specific customizations according to the characteristics of the urban fabric and the territory. Trapani also benefits from "natural protection", given by the environmental and weather-climatic characteristics, which make it "inhospitable" towards the virus.

Trapani protected: find out why
Trapani Safe summer: prevention and containment rules
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